About Us

The year is 2020. COVID-19 runs amok on the streets. Wildfires and hurricanes have become the norm. Political tensions are high. Global disarray is reaching peak levels. And yet, in all that chaos. A website is born.. built with the intention to become a better online head shop.. A website with deals that even a broke man can afford... That website, ladies and gentlemen, is Broke Mans Bong.

We wanted to build a unique head shop that offered a refreshing, personable, and simple look for people; with the intent to 'un-complicate' what can sometimes be an overwhelming process. Our goal is to help make the experience of choosing your piece, a memorable one. Plus, by curating a small-medium sized collection of cheap and quality pieces, we can hopefully offer a unique option for all. 

We plan on running this shop as one that gives back. At least 10% of our annual earnings will be going to charities around the world! We have connections or suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, Asia, and abroad, to truly help embrace our mission as a "global company".

We sincerely appreciate your support! We've just got started and are eager to see what's next for BMB! Primarily based out of the United States.


Better bongs for broke prices.